Pre-Install questions for my unique development laptop setup

I plan on installing the development environment recommended using VirtualBox, Vagrant and Homestead into a Windows 10 system.

  1. I already have MySQL 5.7 running as a back-end for a Microsoft Access development database, and I will be using MySQL for my web-based project. Will this cause any issues when I install this new dev environment? Do I need to do anything special for this?

  2. I use a virtual D: drive for anything that needs to be backed up, which of course should include the code and database for this dev environment. Is there anything I need to know to ensure installation places the correct files on the D drive (separate from the applications themselves which don’t need to be backed up and thus placed in the standard C drive folders)?

  3. Per (2), my /Users/ folder is redirected to the D: drive (thus Desktop, Documents, Downloads and AppData/Roaming are redirected to this location). However, there are some applications that don’t see this and still use C:/Users/. Will these applications in this new dev environment see this redirection to D:/Users/ ?

  4. Can older versions of PHP be installed? Says it installs 7.4 what about 7.2 or 7.3?

  5. Can production be pushed to a shared server environment? My client currently uses GoDaddy.