Language Problem


had a half-year-pause in my projects using userfrosting but am returning now…
so i added a new member in my menu, and used “{{translate(“QUESTIONNAIRE”)}}”
to integrate it

got my QUESTIONNAIRE in my messages.php
but the menu is showing QUESTIONNAIRE and not translating.

i KNOW i had issues like that before and i KNOW in knew how to solve them … but i can’t remember… can anyone of you give me a push in the right direction?



Is it in a Handlebar template? If you, you might need to surround the translate function with some verbatim.


Thank you… but it wasn’t the function…
the Problem was that it wasn’t able to translate the QUESTIONNAIRE key from the message.php

Later on i needed another language variable concerning the questionnaire so i changed the variable QUESTIONNAIRE to an array and used QUESTIONNAIRE.TITLE for the menu… and THIS now works…


Weird. Should work if QUESTIONNAIRE is at the top of the array. Anyway, good news if you found a solution.


It is weird and it was at the top of the array… since i needed more variables concerning the questionnaire it’s fine at it is, weird still