Install Documentation Issues

Just getting started with UserFrosting and have a couple errors to report for the install guide for setting up a Dev Environment and getting UserFrosting working (

  1. Under Get Started you have
    git clone -b v7.20.0 vagrant/Homestead
    this outdated version of homestead didn’t work. Using just
    git clone vagrant/Homestead
    worked fine, or you could get the most recent stable release.

  2. The above puts vagrant in vagrant/Homestead but the vagrant file uses vagrant/homestead (all lowercase). This caused me some grief because the error just said there’s no file in vagrant/homestead and it took me a while to notice the lack of uppercase. So the command from #1 above should be switched to:
    git clone vagrant/homestead

  3. There should be a notice/warning right before the vagrant up command. Windows 10 will not execute everything properly unless you’re running the command as administrator. So you need to make sure you’re running windows powershell, or git bash or whatever shell as Administrator (usually by right clicking and saying “run as administrator” or you’ll most likely run into virtualbox network errors and other things.

  4. A little farther down it has a section called Access phpmyadmin, but it appears following the tutorial to the letter doesn’t actually install phpmyadmin. Not sure if things have changed, but installing the most recent version doesn’t seem to install phpmyadmin, and it’s not accessible by adding phpmyadmin.test to the hosts file.

Hopefully that will help some Windows 10 devs!

  1. This was added a while ago for some compatibility issue, which might not be relevant anymore. But loading master is usually not a good idea. I do agree we could use newer version. Do you have any issue with the latest version ?

  2. Ideed, looks like you’re right

  3. Fair enough

  4. Have you found a workaround? I don’t have a Win10 env to test it out. This could be it, or might need to install it manually, as it doesn’t seems to be included anymore?

Do you want to open a pull request to fix this? Will also need to be fixed here :

Here is a nice guide for setting up phpmyadmin on your homestead box:

Just follow it all the way through and select yes for using dbconfig-common, and where it shows the example file, place that includes line inside the userfrosting.test file located at /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/userfrosting.test and it should get you up and running.

And if you get an error about the count() function/variable when trying to view a table, here is the link to fix it:

And if you get an error when trying to import sample data to a database, you can do this to try and fix the issue: