Why not go full Laravel?

Seeing that UF uses Laravel’s ORM, why e.g. pick a different framework for the routing (Slim) and not go full Laravel?

The thinking being that by going full Laravel, we could be getting:

a) More architecture cohesiveness since we are dealing with a single (very popular) framework

b) Simpler upgrade path for the UF core, for the reason above

c) Better educational experience. It’s better to know one technology well, rather than bits and pieces of different platforms.


Thank you

Yes, I’ve been thinking about that for a while, and we may eventually go that route in a future version of UF.

For now though UserFrosting has grown organically from Slim (back to version 0.3.x), so it would be hard to steer everything back towards a full Laravel architecture.

I’m also not sure if Laravel’s main framework would mesh well with the Sprinkle system, which is one of the major features of UF :slight_smile:

If Laravel’s other components became more modular (like Eloquent is), then I think this would start to make more sense.