What IDE Do You Prefer for UserFrosting?

Everyone has there favorite. Which one is your favorite???

Edit - I just found that Intellij detected my twig file was loaded, and asked to install a twig plugin. Do other IDE’s have Twig plugins?42 AM

  • Mike

I guess the closest to IDE that I get to is either Atom or VS Code. Depends on my mood. I don’t like too many bells and whistles - they get a bit too noisy!

Same as Josh. Atom or VS code. Otherwise Notepad ++. Favourite IDE would be Visual Studio.

Atom with php-integrator & docblockr packages !

On MacOS, Coda2 has some basic feature. I used it before, but I’ve seen the light !

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Always VS Code. Solid syntax highlighting + intellisense (when I’ve got the extensions set up right) + near instant opening time make it a no-brainer. Helps that it can remember file changes if closed before save too I guess.

Some extension is supposed to support PHP debugging too. Should see if I can get that working sometime… Its got native JS debugging too, which I realistically should start using given how long I spend doing just that.

I have a twig plugin for atom and vs code.