ufTable additional custom filters

I want to provide some custom filters to the data shown to a ufTable. Or rather, to the data being queried to the database, before it gets to the front-end.

e.g. Show only the last 24hours, or Only entries by user_id 55

These can be buttons, select boxes (etc.) outside the ufTable component. I would need to have control on the GET URL of the ufTable, without messing its own parameters.

What would be the appropriate way to achieve this?


Hmm, we have the addParams setting, which lets you add additional parameters to the query, but that’s bound when the table is initialized. I don’t think we have any way to change it dynamically after the the table has been loaded.

This might be a feature we need to implement. In the meantime, there might be a method you can call directly on the underlying Tablesorter object that will do this. Check their documentation.

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