ufTable: access underlying tablesorter object?

This might be a really obvious question, but what’s the correct syntax for accessing the underlying tablesorter object when using ufTable?

My table is set up with:

        dataUrl: site.uri.public + "/api/members",
        useLoadingTransition: site.uf_table.use_loading_transition

I’m trying to use additional tablesorter events like updateAll, but not having much luck. I’ve tried:

$("#widget-members").trigger("updateAll", [ resort, callback ]);

as shown in the tablesorter docs but it doesn’t seem to be running.

Looks like I need to target the actual table element – the #widget-members element is a wrapper div. This code is working:

$("#widget-members table").trigger("updateAll", [ resort, callback ]);

More troubleshooting: some tablesorter functions seem even more picky – for clearTableBody to work I had to change the selector to be just the table element: