Translate not working anymore after update

I reinstalled userfrosting in version 4.4 and copied my sprinkles from my old installation (4.1) … now none of my language variables are working anymore… they are all in the messages.php files in the apropriate folder in the sprinkles…
how do i check wich language ths system really is working on? I think it is not working on the de_DE i intented

Has someone any idea?

I changed the local of my admin user to de_DE and now it shows correctly… so how do i get the guest user to use de_DE by default, no other languages allowd

And… now i just deactivated all the other languages and only de_DE is available anymore…
should have thought of this two hours ago sigh

Have you checked this?

Yeah, i have, first thing i’ve set… it WAS set … but it wasn’t working, the default was still english… after disabling all other languages the german translation is showing … since the page is german only atm it’s ok