Site not working after installation


I did installation of Userfrosting as per the steps - no errors and all went well (using ubuntu 16 command line).

When i loaded the site in browser, page did came but no CSS applied. Browser console said - failed to load resource. I checked and found that “asset-raw” folder is not there under userfrosting/public (this is my webroot).

Also when clicked on sign-in, it does not work. DO let me know if i missed anything.


Thanks for the details…I tried the steps given in the link

first enable the mod-rewrite, which gave me message as - Module rewrite already enabled

Then I also modified the apache2.conf file to - Override All

Restarted Apache - but still no luck. Anything else to be done?

My Apache was the issue. got it to work as per your steps after fixing Apache. Thanks

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