Should I use UserFrosting for my project?


Hi, as a newbie and after a day and a half playing with UF and trying some sprinkles from GitHub, I should make a decision if I must or mustn’t choose UF definitely.
My background with Twig is zero and the way UF make me do sprinkles too.

Well, at this point I’d really appreciate from the old UF users developers if it will be possible implement the same features than with plain php, js, css, etc. I’ve to adapt some forms I already have with modal, Select2, ajax and with mysql data as a 's value. Of course under OOP, mvc.

I need a sprinkle new site with the chance to create ‘projects’(records) through a modal form and after that UPLOAD into it one .zip file which is assigned to a specific ‘user_id’.

Can someone tell me if my above explanation could be 100% possible with UF ?

I’d really appreciate whatever opinion and idea. My deadline is coming and my gut start to tell me get hurry.



Come join us in chat and we can discuss your situation there!