Revision 4.1.6 is out!

Full change log here. Most of the work for this revision is under the hood - mainly focusing on improving the custom BelongsToMany* relationships we’ve implemented.

BelongsToManyUnique and MorphToManyUnique have been implemented, which should help pave the way for a BelongsToTernary relationship to deal with ternary DB relations. All of these depend crucially on the Unique trait that I’ve factored out, and which is responsible for flattening results from complex table joins into collections with only one copy of each model.

We’ve also added some integration and unit tests for these components. Funny, as you start writing more tests, you start uncovering more broken things. One thing leads to another, and you’ve logged a week of 12-14 hour days writing a major refactor!

TL;DR - please upgrade as soon as possible.

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