Renaming the 'public' folder?

This is a two part question…

  1. I want the UF installation to be part of my website, and not be at the root.

My UF installation would be accessed through (which is the UF public folder)

Is this ok?

  1. Assuming the previous point stands, I would prefer to rename the public folder into something else.


Technically, you just need to overwrite this constant :

It might produce unwanted behavior however, as this is not tested (at least I never have).

Another solution could be a symlink, either in your filesystem or Apache / Nginx config.

Is it best to use Nginx to solve this problem without modifying the UF source code to make it easier to update the UF version later?

Yes you are correct, using Nginx/apache would be the best practice and make sure it is easiest to update UF later on.