PHP 8 compatibility?

Is UF ready for PHP 8?
If not, is it in the plans?


PHP 8 not supported yet, but the release has been observed. No plans for the moment, but it will eventually be supported. I believe there are a few upgrades that will need to happen first (some major dependency updates).

I’ve created a ticket to track this. PHP 8 Support · Issue #1130 · userfrosting/UserFrosting (

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Like @SiliconSoldier said, the short answer is eventually.

The long answer is, we depend on a lot of third party packages and not only most of them don’t support PHP 8 code wise, they don’t support PHP 8 composer wise. That is the big issue. Biggest roadblock is we depend deeply on Laravel 5.8, which doesn’t support PHP 8. So we need to upgrade to Laravel 7 first.

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Thank you.

Is migration to Laravel 7 a huge task?

Might be. Also need to consider upgrading Slim to V3 for PHP 8 support. At that point, using Laravel directly might be easier…