Open and honest feedback

I was impressed with you demo application. Unfortunately the demand of an local or docker based dev environment is a no-go.

Which other dev environment tools/containers/VMs would you like to see supported?

Hi Alex,
first, let me explain why I see things different.
I’m not a Developer, I’m System Administrator.

Docker is perfect for a single Developer working on his own project.
The main difference is, that you local Docker instance uses you local DB (localhost) while in production you have a separate DB instance (cluster) or use a service from Amazon, Google etc. You have DBA’s that will setup you tables and normally do not allow your local machine to connect to the database directly.
This means that an external development environment must be used, that mirrors the live environment. As a matter of fact, it is not a question what vitalisation technology is used but how userfrosting can be installed and made working.

In my case the installation of userfrosting need to be manually. The DBA’s need to setup DB tables separate and the DB tables have to use prefix so the tables from userfrosting can be seen separated from the tables of the actual application.

I was not able to install userfrosting and was not able to find any information on how to do a full manual install. It may be possible to install in a Docker and then rip everything apart, but this is more work then I expected.

Best regards Claus

So, the issue is that you’d like to see a database setup tool/script that can be used independently from Bakery and the rest of the UF package?

If that’s the case, then I’d think the easiest workaround would be to run the migrations to set up the tables in a local database, and then use that to export a .sql dump (or whichever db tech you are using) that your DBA can run independently of Bakery and UF. You can add table prefixes in your Sprinkle’s config file, under the db.default.prefix key.