On new table record, ufTable not updating without hard refresh


After moving out UF install up to a staging server, we are seeing an issue with ufTables not updating the content without a hard refresh on the page (cache).

This does not happen locally using the docker installation.

This happens on both our custom tables, as well as, default UF tables.

Currently, the site config is just falling back primarily to the default site config.

Default htaccess is installed. There is an Env file on the server, but it is very limited in configs.

It sounds like your staging server is adding a Cache-Control header to the responses of the JSON api, which ufTable queries to load the table data.

So, you can’t just automatically cache all AJAX requests with a Cache-Control header. If you want to cache AJAX requests, you’ll need to find a more sophisticated way for the server and client to communicate about this.

Thanks Alex. We made some adjustments to the cache-control on the server, and this sorted itself out from there.