No Stylesheet and Login-Page not found

Hey there!
I have done the installation as mentioned in the manual, but there are two problems (Maybe I am just blind or have missed something):

First, the Stylesheet is obviously not loaded properly. The text is not formatted as displayed in the picure in the manual.
The other problem is, that nearly every link I click does not work (Page not found, 404), the Login-Link as well as the About-Link.

Is there any solution to that?

Greetings :slight_smile:

Can you provide a bit more information? Is this a fresh install? Have you made any changes, or added your own Sprinkle(s)?

At first glance it looks like you have an issue with the way your server (either Vagrant, Homestead, or native) is configured for URL rewrites to take place which would result in the assets and links not working.

Check your file permissions and webserver configuration. For example, what user owns the files and what groups are they in? Is the group the same as the one the webserver can read?

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Thanks Malou, that was it!
A big thank you to all of you!