Looking for a developer to do a small job for me

Hello Folks,

My name is Shawn Perkins, and I’m looking for someone to do a small job for me. I need two pages created and integrated into the dashboard of a fresh install of UserFrosting. The pages will connect to a MySql data base and allow the users to create new items in the database and edit those items. I can provide the exact requirements, and can also pay immediately upon completion of the project with Paypal. I estimate this to be a days work or less for someone who knows UserFrosting, but I will let you provide the quote after I provide all of the details.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


You can join us on the chat (http://chat.userfrosting.com), explain what you need and your budget. Maybe someone could help you there. We do need to write a good CRUD tutorial soon. I don’t have time right know to do it, but we never know.

Hi Shawn,

I would be interested in completing this job for you. I have experience developing with UserFrosting and am currently building my own SaaS app using the framework.

Do you still need the work doing?