Let admins impersonate another user


Hi everybody ! I’m still newbie with UF and I’d like to know if there’s a way to cloak a chosen user if you admin in order to see what happen around as user’s eye.
I’ve to develop specific content for each user and I’d like to check if user can see what ADMIN expects and on top of that in a good manner.
Thanks in advance.


Maybe you mean “impersonate a user”?

This feature has been suggested before, but I think we decided against it for some reason. However, I would consider this for a future version! Could you open a feature request on the issue tracker and we’ll discuss it there?


Yeah that ! impersonate a user. Sounds better.
Thank you Alex for the fast reply. I will do what you suggested me.


Sorry Alex, but where am I supposed to open that feature request ? I can’t find anything named like that… :frowning_face:


Just open it as an issue, and I will tag it with the feature request label.