Is UserFrosting deprecated?

I’ve heard that User Frosting as a framework is deprecated as a whole and not to even touch it. Is this true?

Sorry, where did you hear this? Maybe you are confusing UserFrosting with Usercake, which is no longer maintained?

The first post here:

I think they just formatted their post poorly. Each comment in that post actually refers to the framework listed above it, not below. The comment about deprecation is referring to Sentry (which indeed has been deprecated and replaced with Sentinel).

The comment for UserFrosting is actually:

Not recommended because of the implementation.

Keep in mind that this is a very old post, so they were referring to UserFrosting 0.2.x (which did actually suffer from quite a few architectural problems). UF has come a long way since then, with UF 4.1 being fully PSR compliant and following an MVC architecture.

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Thank you for the help!