How update based on custom field?


i an new to userfrosting, please help me

i create a table with my custom field id which is auto incremented and primary. so that when i update record by using ->save() it give me error Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘id’ in ‘where clause’

because ‘id’ is not in my table so it dos not update or delete record

please let me know how i can update and delete on basis of my custom field
my table primary key column name id idCustomer


Can you show us the Table Class in your Migration, that you are using?


is the normal id-column… you should change it to


i think… not tried, but this could be the way

In Eloquent, it’s usually a really good idea to use id as your primary key. This is the convention that is used in most tutorials and third-party code you will find.

That being said, you can theoretically use an alternate primary key, but you need to specify protected $primaryKey in your model definition. See, specifically the section “Primary Keys”.

yes, i am new to laravel as well so that i did not tried this
but it worked
thanks Naddy