How to install and configure 'Userfrosting' for development preferably with HOMESTEAD else with XAMPP -

I cannot install USERFROSTING and start any further coding or development and I cannot open the default first landing page that can be visited from the the local development server upon correct installation cum configuration of the USERFROSTING system.

I have added lines in my Windows 10 64 bit machine’s C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\host text file and followed all instructions scrupulously as specified in the documentation of USERFROSTING . I have cloned USERFROSTING and Homestead from GITHUB following instructions in the manual. and repeatedly tried with ORACLE VIRTUALBOX 5.2.44 and VAGRANT 2.2.10 but cannot download any LARAVEL/HOMESTEAD box file manually or vagrant box add command from the official vagrant download link as download is failing with a forbidden message though I have signed up. Specifically with box add command I am getting a 443 error in the command line or bash shell. Where can I find a downloadable LARAVEL/HOMESTEAD box or create one. What will be the contents of the metadata JSON file for creating the required LARAVEL HOMESTEAD version compatible with USERFROSTING 4.4.4 or other stable version.

As on date the current stable USERFROSTING version is v4.4.4.So what the stable recommended version requirements for ORACLE VIRTUALBOX,VAGRANT and LARAVEL/HOMESTEAD that will help installing configuring and working with development or coding work in USERFROSTING without any glitches or hindrances in a Windows 10 64 bit host machine platform.

What is the stable USERFROSTING version I will do this thing in a Windows 10 64 bit machine and and since I and what should be YAML file configuration and what should be map folders from and to mention paths in UNIX format in this file. I am unable to download or find or create a suitable compatible box file. I downloaded a LARAVEL/HOMESTEAD box file from a link in a STACKOVERFLOW question for provider VIRTUALBOX I have installed Oracle VirtualBox 5.2.44 and also it’s extension pack and Vagrant 2.2.10 and I have installed GIT for Windows for git bash and tried to spin virtual machine from USERFROSTING and when it did not succeed I tried advanced homestead setup.

I used vagrant box add command and used SSH-KEYGEN tool both for both two methods but when I use the ls command I cannot see USERFROSTING directory. Should I connect to the virtual machine by SSH and in the virtual machine and there should I clone the USERFROSTING and Homestead.

As I cannot find a good version 8 9 or 10 LARAVEL HOMESTEAD box else how do I directly install and configure User Frosting for development in my Windows 10 64 bit machine with XAMPP if I am unable to produce a virtual environment at all as per USERFROSTING requirement. I feel like I am in loop and lost my way and returning to same point every time I am using a 64 bit Windows 10 machine. I changed configurations too for the YAML file those mappings etc. Probably I don’t understand virtual machine folder synchronization and I should alter the YAML files in UNIX format after connecting to the VM by SSH from GIT BASH.

I cannot attach any code sample as I cannot start any coding activity because I cannot up USERFROSTING for further coding or development work. What should be contents of the config.vm file and meta data JSON file and what I have to do to create the desired LARAVEL HOMESTEAD box file with HASHICORP packer tool freely. Do I have to modify shared folder configuration setting or folder synchronization.

What modification is required after installing and starting the virtual machine. connect the virtual machine connect to it by SSH which I can do now easily now with the LARAVEL HOMESTEAD v0.0.2 box file I got online and it is Ubuntu version 18.04 LTS guest machine. I have generated the keys with SSH-KEYGEN also but I have done it in Windows style.

I have tried to explain the problem I am facing while trying to install USERFROSTING and I understand that I should start and connect with virtual machine first and generate the SSH keys in UNIX format and then from inside the VM I have clone USERFROSTING LARAVEL HOMESTEAD and edit all the configuration settings. As I feel that folder synchronization is not getting properly reflected or implemented due to some unknown reason in my system so should I connect to the virtual machine first and before that generate SSH keys in Unix style and then download homestead and USERFROSTING inside the virtual machine. Or if I download a full ISO image of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and install it inside ORACLE VIRTUALBOX without Vagrant as LARAVEL HOMESTEAD BOX cannot be downloaded online then what is to be done to to install LARAVEL in this virtual machine and then edit or add configuration settings for installing and configuring USERFROSTING inside LARAVEL inside this Ubuntu 18.04 VM.

Suppose I install LARAVEL/HOMESTEAD in 64 bit Windows 10 machine. Then what I have to do to install and setup USERFROSTING for starting development of a USERFROSTING based project because I cannot either spin the virtual environment from the vagrant support provided within the downloaded USERFROSTING clone or by following the advanced HOMESTEAD setup steps in the USERFROSTING documentation. If I setup XAMPP in my 64 bit Windows 10 machine then if I clone the USERFROSTING repository inside the HTDOCS folder of XAMPP what further will I have to do to alternately setup USERFROSTING for development without requiring any virtual environment as a last resort.

what I have to do to start coding or developing a USERFROSTING based system preferably in a reproducible virtual environment based on ORACLE VIRTUALBOX else as a last resort directly in XAMPP without any virtual environment? This is the essence my query in a nutshell.

What are the exact steps you followed, and can you post the output from the console ?