How do I update UF without messing with my config/sprinkles?


How do I update my UF4.1.x project, to the latest UF4.1.x, without messing up my custom sprinkles?

Besides my custom sprinkles folder, I have edited a couple configuration files belonging to UF… like:

I would like to keep those as well, if possible.

P.S. I have moved the project to my own repository, so I don’t know how I could fetch the updated UF through git.


Not sure how you actually installed UF… Is your sprinkle in it’s own git repo ? Or did you fork the UF repo and changed the git remote ?

I have changed git remote… Everything is in my own repository as a single package.
Isn’t that the recommended way? I think I followed the documentation on this one.

There’s more than one way to do it. That’s more of @alexweissman method, I prefer each sprinkle in it’s own sprinkle and managed by Composer :wink:

If you changed the git remote, then the doc has the answer :

For future reference (you don’t have to do this right now) with the upstream remote set up, you will be able to pull any updates from the official UserFrosting repository into your project:

$ git fetch upstream
$ git checkout master
$ git merge upstream/master