How do I recover my UF database info?


I accidentally deleted my UF MySQL database. The site still works as everything is “public” and no one needs to logon to view the site. However, I can’t use the dashboard anymore, etc. So my question is, how do I retrieve my database info? I have a downloaded copy, and can restore it, but I have no idea what the credentials are to connect to it.

Help please! :slight_smile:


This is more of a sysadmin question than UF related. If you don’t have the credential to connect to the original db, you are screwed. But it should be in your UF config/env…


Where do I find this? I have the DB, I just need to know what PW and DB name my system is using for it so I can re-upload it and connect to it. Usually, this info is stored in a static PHP file, but I have no idea where in the UF file system this might be located.


Located in app/.env


Missed this reply. Great, thanks! Got it restored. :slight_smile: