Help! new sprinkle, where did the dashboard/backend links go? [SOLVED]


I copied the index.html.twig and associated templates, etc. from core into my sprinkle called znet, following the folder structure carefully. I setup the controller and what not. It works, and the basic home page renders, but now I don’t see the links to edit my account, logout, or enter the dashboard/backend. It just shows “Home”, and “Welcome”.

What did I do? How do I fix this? Thanks!


Did you extend the parent twig file from yours? This would be declared at the top.

If you did that right, then one way to debug is to temporarily copy the entire contents of the core page into your twig file and verify that the page then looks normal. Start replacing things in that version of it until it breaks to find what you missed.


I copied index.html.twig from core to my sprinkle. It looks exactly the same (no account links or dashboard) except now it shows the default slider and “Welcome to AdminLTE” message, etc. :frowning:


Okay, when I completely remove my Sprinkle and view the core, it works. But as soon as I restore my Sprinkle, called znet, all the account/dashboard links disappear. How can I debug? Thanks!


Solved. I copied the wrong template. hehe