Freshly installed and working UF, can I modify the "core" sprinkle?


I noticed the “front page” of my newly installed UF has these “sliders” and various other elements which appear to be controlled in the “core” sprinkle. Can I directly edit this to suite my new site? If not, and I create a new sprinkle, how do I get that to display instead of the default core one? Thanks!


Sounds like you may want to extend some existing templates. There’s pretty good documentation available here …

You are on the right track (as I understand it) to think about changing/altering core behavior by adding a sprinkle.


I had an awesome chat last night with phillmac and got my first Sprinkle working. It just displays the word “test”, but he helped me create a controller, routes, etc. Very cool!! :slight_smile:

Thank you as well for the reply. :smiley: