First time user, just

… wanted to say thank you :slight_smile:

It’s my first time programming with userfrosting as framework.
I used to programm for Typo3 mostly, but for my current project the impressive amount of functionalities of Typo3 was simply way to much.
I was searching for a framework to use with security and login-features to start the new application from scratch and i chose userfrosting for this.

Being new to a framework is quite stressful for the beginning, but i’m getting used to ist and i love it so far :slight_smile:

So… thank you for woring on userfrosting :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! It really makes me happy to hear positive feedback, especially from people who are just getting started :grin:

Yeah… still have no clue how to do some things, but i’m working through :wink:

I was trying to get a Create-Form working, but since i only had modal-examples in the source code so far, i only managed to get a Modal Form working. BUT this is working :smiley:

Non-Modal there was no chance to create the object, write it to the database and get the user to the page i wanted him to… Since the Modal Version is working like a charm and i’m currently debating (with myself) if the modal-version isn’t the better way anyway i’m good.

Ah… another thing… somewhere in the development of my project, there may be a news-kind-Sprinkle.
The Idea is to have a simple input to get a changelog-kind of report on the page with database entries in the dashboard. I looked inside the git reps but wasn’t able to find one… So the chance is, that i will make it and make it a community sprinkle… git is the only way you announce community sprinkles, is this right?

We’re looking into forming our own Sprinkle manager/community marketplace, but for now yes, you should tag your project userfrosting-sprinkle on GitHub so that people can find it.

You can also push it to with your Sprinkle’s composer.json configured with "type": "userfrosting-sprinkle":

    "name": "userfrosting/extend-user",
    "type": "userfrosting-sprinkle",
    "description": "An example Sprinkle for extending the User model and table with additional fields or relationships.",
    "homepage": "",
    "license" : "MIT",
    "authors" : [
            "name": "Alexander Weissman",
            "homepage": ""
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "UserFrosting\\Sprinkle\\ExtendUser\\": "src/"
    "extra": {
        "installer-name": "extend-user"

People will then be able to automatically install it using composer.

Ok, i’ve got a serious problem and no clue what to do with it:
i got my create-modal-dialog working fine, but with my edit modal i get a csrf token error and no clue why…
Do you have any hint? Name and Token are there through the twinkle include, but it still stated the error and no profound debug information

By the way… i never see a channel or user in the chat… when are you guys in there?

Communication with myself… kind of… found the bug in the code, that resulted in the 400 return wich resulted in the error-message about the token… the error hat nothing to do with the token though

Aaaaaand another note… got the edit form working with post but not with put

People are pretty much always in chat. Are you signing into the actual chat server,

Yeah… no channels… no other usershown

Yeah… no channels… no other usershown

Can you post a screenshot of what you see when you sign in?


Hmm, interesting. I think the problem is that you have used livechat before, so it registered you as a sort of “pseudouser” - you’re in the database, but your account doesn’t have any of the normal permissions of a full user account. I’m guessing you never went through any additional registration process?

Let me see if I can convert you into a full user manually.

hey… i see … channels… cheers