Developing Database models separately from UF?



Is it possible to develop and test custom database models, separately from a UF4 installation, and then put them in at a later time?

Reasoning: We are building a custom webapp on top of UF4, and we want to create custom database tables (independent of UF4) in Eloquent. We don’t want the developer to have to mess with/learn the UF4 platform at this point. It would be faster for us to set up a separate/minimal Eloquent installation, and work with that.

And put the work into a UF4 Sprinkle when we are done with the bulk of it.

Sounds sane? Doable?



You can always create candidate databases for experimentation using PHPMyAdmin tool; and once you are satisfied turn your attention to more formally coding their construction in UF.


I am not worried about the database, but rather developing & testing the Eloquent Models and Controllers. Thanks!