Deploy a site via FTP?

I have a working installation of UserFrosting on my local machine ( Windows ) using XAMPP.
I also did the “Pastries” sprinkle and it works fine.

Now, exactly which files do i need to upload to get it working on a shared hosting server.
( no… VPS is not an option for me :slight_smile: )

You can run userfrosting on shared hosting as long as it has PHP and MySQL. Just copy your files over from you development environment after cleaning it up and compiling the assets etc. Make sure you set your env to production mode too. But Its really not a good approach - see here for why .
VPS’s are not all that expensive compared to shared hosting. DigitalOcean start at $5 and ScaleWay are even cheaper .


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Hi Birger,

First, you need to navigate to D:\xampp\apache\conf\extra or wherever your XAMPP files are located. In my case, my XAMPP file is located in drive D.

If there’s no file found which you want to upload, then you can go through this article: