Building a web-based translation tool for UserFrosting

I’d like to get started on a web-based tool for translating UserFrosting into other languages. The current method of hand-editing language files is tedious - we could get a lot more done if we automatically generated a “rough draft” using the Google Translate API, and then volunteers could sign in to this application and make corrections. The tool could then export finished translations to the necessary format.

Is anyone interested in helping with this? The tool itself could be built with UserFrosting!

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I’ll probably take a crack at this. Once I get the other epic done.

Outputing PHP code is sure to be interesting…

Do either of these integrate with Google Translate? Also, I’m not seeing any free options (Crowdin appears to offer a 10-day free trial though).

Alright, I submitted a request - let’s see what happens. I still like the idea of having a tighter integration with UF, but maybe this would be possible with crowdin as well?