AssetBundle renderScript missed attribute charset

Hi, assets generation question:
javscript src tag has attribute charset, important for library

<script type="text/javascript" **charset="utf-8"** src="

in UserFrosting\Assets AssetBundle renderScript function there are only 4 hard coded attributes:
async, defer, id, type
other options are ommited

Is there any way to set this attribute / other than rewrite AssetBundle class?

Thanks for answer.


I added in something to cover these scenarios a while back. From memory, you just need to pass in an object with the attributes needed as the second parameter. Something like `{charset: “utf-8”}.

Thanks for answer. In second parameter is functional only async, defer, id, type parameters - as in code in
UserFrosting\Assets AssetBundle renderScript

Extend this code is simple, my question is, if this is proper way.

Josef Moravek